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Conversion Training

Workforce Overview

  1. AcqDemo Workforce Overview Training
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CCAS for Supervisors

  1. AcqDemo CCAS for Supervisors Briefing – Participant Guide
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Human Resources Training>

  1. AcqDemo HR Training FY18 – Participant Guide
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Business Rules Development

  1. AcqDemo Business Rules Development FY18 – Participant Guide
  2. AcqDemo Business Rules Development FY18 – Slides

Refresher Training

AcqDemo 101 - June 2018
Essentially a pre-requisite for all other eLearning courses, AcqDemo 101 introduces you to the key elements and processes of the DoD Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project, or “AcqDemo.”


Contribution Planning - July 2018
The key to success in AcqDemo is envisioning how your work will impact the mission of your organization. This course provides the knowledge and tools you need to generate realistic and mission-relevant contribution plans for achievement during the appraisal cycle.


Writing an Annual Appraisal Self-Assessment - July 2018
Core to the AcqDemo appraisal process is the review and evaluation of written assessments describing employee contributions and their impact. This course shows you what constitutes effective contribution statements and how best to structure them in preparation for the pay pool process.


Giving and Receiving Feedback - July 2018
Feedback and effective communication are central to ensuring meaningful contributions and impact to organizational mission. This course will help you understand the roles and responsibilities associated with contribution and performance feedback discussions throughout the appraisal cycle.


CCAS for Employees - August 2018
Learn about the six steps of the CCAS cycle, your role as an employee, and how your monetary rewards are calculated. This course will introduce you to contribution planning, the midpoint review, annual appraisal self-assessments, your annual appraisal, the pay pool process, and end-of-cycle discussion.


CCAS for Supervisors - August 2018
The first-line supervisor is the linchpin in the CCAS appraisal process. This course provides a thorough examination of supervisory responsibilities throughout the CCAS cycle—from contribution planning to preparing the employee’s annual appraisal and every step in between. Reviewing this course periodically will refresh your knowledge of what is required of you as a supervisor in AcqDemo. Because this course is rather comprehensive, plan to spend approximately 55 minutes to view the entire video.


Understanding the Pay Pool Process - August 2018
The Pay Pool Process is where all the CCAS pieces come together and ensure employees are being appropriately compensated for their contributory efforts. This course helps you understand the links connecting contribution planning, in-cycle reviews, and self- and supervisory assessments to the pay pool process. You’ll also gain a better understanding of appraisal scoring and how that governs the payout computations – cementing the pay for contribution goals of AcqDemo.


AcqDemo HR Flexibilities - August 2018
Human Resources Professionals are the primary points of contact for leadership, managers, hiring officials, AND employees. They are sought out for advice and guidance on all matters relating to the management of an organization’s most valuable asset – its workforce. This course is designed to not only familiarize the HR community with AcqDemo’s staffing, recruitment and compensation flexibilities but also introduces some AcqDemo-specific strategic business partnership concepts associated with HR’s ever-broadening role.



CAS2Net 2.0 for Employees and Supervisors
CAS2Net is an online reporting system of the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS), a results-based, competency-linked pay banding and performance-based pay system. The purpose of this training is to describe the features and capabilities of CAS2Net that are available to Employees and Supervisors in AcqDemo.


CAS2Net 2.0 for Administrators
CAS2Net is an online reporting system of the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS), a results-based, competency-linked pay banding and performance-based pay system. The purpose of this training is to describe the features and capabilities of CAS2Net and to define the role of Administrators in using CAS2Net to support AcqDemo. The training describes how to login to CAS2Net, maintain organizational hierarchy, manage employee records, manage mandatory objectives, assign supervisors, and manage the end of year pay pool processes.


Spreadsheets for PPA’s
This course focuses on the technical aspects of the CCAS process. The course begins with a briefing when the main functionalities of the offline tools are introduced, followed by a live demonstration.The tools addressed in this training are the Sub Panel spreadsheet, the Compensation Management Spreadsheet (CMS) and the Pay Pool Analysis Tool (PAT). Participants will learn where to enter ratings and compensation adjustment using the offline tools; also, they will understand their role and responsibilities in a pay pool meeting and how to produce statistical reports after the pay pool meeting.


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