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Welcome to the AcqDemo Home Page!

AcqDemo was developed and implemented to provide the DoD Acquisition Community with initiatives designed to enhance the effectiveness of personnel programs and processes. Please spend some time becoming familiar with our project, and feel free to contact us at with your comments.



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AcqDemo News

February 2, 2023
- Open Forum: Archived/Transfer and CAS2Net Grievances

February 1, 2023
- CAS2Net Users Guide - Updated 1 February 2023

January 9, 2023
- 2023 Conversion Calculator
- 2023 Expected Contribution Range Calculator

January 5, 2023
- Open Forum: Pay Transactions and Turning CAS2Net Database

January 4, 2023
- Two new FAQs under Staffing Initiatives concerning DoDs reversion to a one year probationary period for new hires and the effect on AcqDemo positions
- 2023 Broadband Pay Tables

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