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Organization Participation Requirements

AcqDemo encompasses a set of initiatives that, together, represents changes to many aspects of human resource management for the DoD acquisition workforce. These modifications touch on key areas such as classification, hiring, staffing, pay administration, contribution, performance assessment, and employee recognition. Organizations seeking innovative avenues for developing, motivating, and equitably compensating employees based on their contribution to the mission will be well served by AcqDemo’s design.

The basic requirements for participation in AcqDemo are described below:

  1. Participating Organizations. Organizations must be listed as an eligible organization in the latest AcqDemo Federal Register Notice (FRN), FR 52104 Vol. 82, No. 216 dated November 9, 2017, Appendix B, to request approval to participate. Since organizational and team participation in AcqDemo is voluntary, for an eligible organization to be approved to participate or a newly interested organization or team to receive eligibility and/or approval to participate, the following conditions must be met:

    1. At least one-third of the workforce selected to participate in the demonstration project consists of members of the acquisition workforce (civilian employees occupying positions coded as meeting the requirements of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) of 1990 as amended);

    2. At least two-thirds of the workforce participating in the demonstration project consists of members of the acquisition workforce and supporting personnel assigned to work directly with the acquisition workforce;

    3. Positions are classified to an approved occupational series; and

    4. The organization or team request will be routed through their command channels to the Assistant Secretary for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) or equivalent authority for Joint Services and other DoD agencies and field activities under the 4th Estate, for review and endorsement to include the USD(P&R), for approval by USD(AT&L) for participation in the AcqDemo Project to the DoD Director, Human Capital Initiatives, OUSD(AT&L) and AcqDemo Program Director.

  2. Bargaining Requirements. For organizations that have bargaining unit employees, a written agreement between the organization and any union representing the workforce must be in place prior to joining AcqDemo. The agreement will cover participation in and implementation of the demonstration project.

Organizations wanting more information on AcqDemo should contact their AcqDemo component, agency, or field activity representative or use DoD AcqDemo Program Office to reach the DoD AcqDemo Program Office.


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