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eDocuments Module and AutoNOA – a Winning Combination


Prior to the start of the FY2015 assessments, the AcqDemo Program Office released our newest CAS2Net module, eDocuments, which allows electronic signature and storage of the CCAS appraisals. Many of our participating organizations took advantage of this documents repository, while software configurations at some locations identified the need for modifications to optimize this tool at others. Our Army organizations were able to take the use of this module one step further by linking it to AutoNOA, a software program that automates the upload of forms into the electronic official personnel folders (eOPF). What were the result of this combination of eDocuments and AutoNOA? An improvement in the quality and timeliness of the appraisal uploads into the eOPF.

The process starts with the eDocument module, and several Army pay pool administrators have provided kudos for this modules’ capabilities. Ms. Cheryl Bitner, HQ ATEC, considers her organization’s experience with the new eDocuments process as being very positive. She said, “The system is user friendly and the documents uploaded smoothly.” Comments from Mr. Dante McSween, PEO CS CSS, add to her observations. According to Mr. McSween, “The addition of the eDocuments feature proved to be a much more efficient and less time consuming way to manage and process the appraisals.”

The link from eDocuments to AutoNOA proved to be a real time saver. The pay pool administrator at one Army location reporting a savings of approximately 120 labor-hours using this combination compared to manually uploading appraisal to AutoNOA.

Pay pool administrators were not the only ones to appreciate the benefits of the coupling of eDocuments with AutoNOA. Mr. Robert Aldrich, PEO EIS, offered several positives for employees and supervisors.

  1. Supervisors and employees prefer the eDocuments/digital signature over the hand-signed copies.
  2. Employees received CCAS results from supervisors more timely than in previous years when using hard copy appraisals that were distributed down the chain of command.
  3. The appraisals that appear in eOPF files are clean and legible versus in years past, where they were illegible due to multiple scans.

We are pleased to hear the good comments from Army organizations who paired eDocuments with AutoNOA. They proved to be a winning combination for CCAS cycle 2015!


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