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Updated FRN Plus Amendments
Reference Tool for Federal Register Notices Updated


We launched the Federal Register Notice reference tool in June of 2013 to aid in your search for the latest AcqDemo guidance. The base for the reference tool is the January 9, 1999 Federal Register Notice that published the project plan. To that, we added language from four subsequent Federal Register Notices that amended the original plan. We’ve now updated this reference tool by adding the language from the March 31, 2015 Federal Register Notice.

Here is a list of the five Federal Register Notices that amended the demonstration project:

  • May 21, 2001: (1) Corrects discrepancies in the list of occupational series included in the project and (2) authorizes managers to offer a buy-in to Federal employees entering the project after initial implementation.

  • April 24, 2002: (1) Makes employees in the top broadband level of their career path eligible to receive a “very high” overall contribution score and (2) reduces the minimum rating period under CCAS to 90 consecutive calendar days.

  • July 01, 2002: (1) Lists all organizations that are eligible to participate in the project and (2) makes the resulting adjustments to the table that describes the project’s workforce demographics and union representation.

  • October 04, 2006: (1) Provides authorization for an out-of-cycle payout under CCAS prior to transition to NSPS and (2) addresses procedures for conversion of employees from this demonstration project to NSPS.

  • March 31, 2015: (1) Inserts the new provisions authorized by NDAA 2011, (2) adds occupational series and provides AcqDemo the capability to add other occupational series and revise or delete current series, (3) provides a formal process for organizations interested in joining AcqDemo, and (4) announces the expansion of AcqDemo to new or realigned DoD Acquisition organizations.

This document is intended to serve as a quick reference tool to view changes brought about by the amendments. Change sections are highlighted in red. You will see strikethroughs for old language and the italicized replacement text.

The updated Federal Register Notice reference tool, along with the implementing Federal Register Notice, the DoD Operating Procedures, and AcqDemo Memorandums can all be found under the Library tab at the website. Browse the website while you’re there for interesting news and information!



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