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October 12, 2015 - New Organizations Join AcqDemo Back

We are pleased to announce that three new organizations joined our AcqDemo’s ranks on 4 October 2015. A hearty welcome was extended to Defense Test Resource Management Center (DTRMC), Washington Headquarters Service Acquisition Directorate (WHS AD), and Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN RD&A). These groups brought a combined total of 267 employees to AcqDemo. That brings the grand total of covered employees to over 16,500.

Changing personnel systems is a collaborative effort that crosses agencies and disciplines. The AcqDemo Program Office teams with organization leaders, human resources professionals and local transition teams to orchestrate the conversion process. Any hiccups with conversions are quickly overcome due to the collaborative process that begins a year or more prior to the conversion date.

Herman Raybon Jr., Director, Manpower and Administration from RD&A, thanked the Program Office for our support. He said, “Kudos and thanks to you and your folks at the AcqDemo Program office for your tremendous patience and support during our transition.” And our support continues beyond the beyond the transition date! It is important for organization transition teams and the Program Office to continue to work together to address post-conversion actions and to gather lessons learned that will assist with future conversions.

AcqDemo will continue to grow with conversions scheduled for 2016. Stay tuned into the website for news and information on joining organizations.



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