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AcqDemo’s Latest Volunteer Emeritus Joins Human Capital Initiatives Team Back

Volunteer Emeritus, Mark Bogart, signs with HCI Director, Rene' Thomas-Rizzo
Volunteer Emeritus, Mark Bogart, signs with HCI Director, Rene' Thomas-Rizzo

Everyone in the AcqDemo community is familiar with broadbanding, career paths and CCAS. Other initiatives may not be as well-known as the aforementioned features. For example, did you know that AcqDemo has an initiative to bring back former civil service professionals who would like to continue to serve in a volunteer capacity? It’s called the Voluntary Emeritus program. The USD(AT&L) Human Capital Initiatives (HCI) office is pleased to announce our first volunteer brought on board through the Voluntary Emeritus program, Mr. Mark Bogart.

When asked about his motivation for offering his expertise to the acquisition community as a volunteer, Mr. Bogart responded, “I decided to join HCI because I have always believed that a strong, motivated Acquisition Workforce is the key to success in our Acquisition programs.” Mr. Bogart continued, “I wanted to give back where I believe my expertise and passion could provide the greatest positive impact.” Much of his expertise was gained while he was a member of the Senior Executive Service with the Defense Intelligence Agency. This is a win-win for HCI and Mr. Bogart!

Acquisition professionals on the Volunteer Emeritus assignments like Mr. Bogart can provide valuable on-the-job training and mentoring to less experienced employees. Many dedicated professionals have a desire to continue adding value in acquisition business environments after separation or retirement. The intent of the initiative is not to replace or substitute for work performed by civilian employees occupying regular positions, but to recognize and utilize the expertise of our separating/retiring professionals who have a desire to remain engaged with the Acquisition community. The volunteer’s retirement pay or buy-out (if applicable) will not be affected while serving in emeritus status, and they are not paid a salary or any other compensation except for reimbursement of official travel expenses and allowances.

The HCI office looks forward to Mr. Bogart sharing his knowledge. According to Mr. Darryl Burgan, the DoD AcqDemo Program Director, adding Mr. Bogart to the HCI staff via the Volunteer Emeritus program is a shining example of how AcqDemo’s initiatives support a high achieving, flexible, quality acquisition workforce.

Are you a former employee interested in continuing to serve the acquisition workforce through the Voluntary Emeritus program? If so, contact a human resources specialist or for information. Don’t break your ties with the acquisition workforce, strengthen them!


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