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AcqDemo is Growing! Back

We are pleased to welcome two new organizations to AcqDemo. Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) joined AcqDemo on 19 April adding 430 employees to our ranks. On the same date, Army Space Missile Defense Command (SMDC) brought in 142 of their employees. We congratulate SSP and SMDC on their smooth conversion from the General Schedule to AcqDemo!

Change is not always easy. SSP provided insight on how they successfully managed the conversion to AcqDemo. They credit a lot of planning and preparation done well in advance of the conversion date for their success. A great deal of effort was put into communicating processes to the workforce to promote transparency. Transition timelines were published to keep the workforce informed. Business rules and instructions were completed early so they would be in place on day one of the conversion to AcqDemo.

Mr. Rich Peck, SSP Human Resources Director, said, “The transition was flawless from the standpoint that all we could control ran superbly. The transition did uncover some Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) flaws that had to be resolved, but that was not due to anything we submitted.” He adds that his Human Resources Service Center worked with DCPDS to resolve the issue. It is our experience at the AcqDemo Program Office that this type of interoffice teaming is an important aspect of smooth conversions.

You will hear of more conversions to AcqDemo in the coming months.

Check out Workforce Demographics under the About AcqDemo link on the main page of the website for a look at the total AcqDemo population as of 30 September 2014. Once there, you can click on the Component Detail button to select a view of the breakdown by broadband level and career path.





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