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CCAS for Supervisors Added to eLearning Lineup! Back

The AcqDemo Program Office has added a new eLearning course to the growing list of offerings. We invite new and current supervisors of AcqDemo employees to check out CCAS for Supervisors. CCAS, short for the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System, is AcqDemo’s assessment system that links salary adjustments to the individual’s contribution to the organization’s mission. The goal of this course is to enhance your understanding of the supervisor’s role and responsibilities within the CCAS process. New supervisors will find value in the detailed description of each cycle event. Seasoned supervisors will appreciate the option of selecting specific CCAS cycle events to review or taking the course in its entirety.

This is an interactive course that keeps you involved in the learning process. Features include simulations that place you in the meeting environment to give you examples of the communication flow between an employee and supervisor during important stages of the CCAS cycle. You’ll be presented with sample assessments and have the opportunity to evaluate their effectiveness. There is even an opportunity to practice scoring contributions.

After completing CCAS for Supervisors, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the major elements of the CCAS Cycle;
  • Understand the supervisor’s role in contribution planning, mid-point review, additional feedback, closeout assessment, annual appraisal, pay pool panel, and end-of-cycle discussion.

Supervisors are targeted for this course but all are welcome. A view of the CCAS cycle from the employee’s perspective is captured in the CCAS for Employees course set to debut in the coming weeks.

Click the “Training” tab to access CCAS for Supervisors. Don’t miss this comprehensive journey through the appraisal cycle with the supervisor in the driver’s seat!





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