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New Closeout Assessment Module in CAS2Net

CAS2Net has been enhanced to include a closeout assessment module for employees and rating officials. The purpose of the new module is to provide for the documentation of contributions to date in the event of a change in position or rating official for the employee during an annual appraisal cycle.

You should feel comfortable using the new closeout module as it has the same look and feel as other assessment modules in CAS2Net. There are text boxes for overall assessment narratives as well as the ability to create an assessment by factor. The supervisor module includes the review date and method of communication function. The option to print a PDF report of the assessment is available to both employees and supervisors. Supervisors are familiar with seeing the status of each CAS2Net module by employee, so there will be no difference here. Employees see a status screen in CAS2Net for the first time.

Icons (checkx) give you the status of an assessment at a glance.

When is a closeout assessment required and when is it optional? Guidance for the use of closeout assessments is found in the “Rating Official Change and Employee Movement Matrix,” which has been released as an attachment to “AcqDemo Memorandum 13-03, AcqDemo Assessment Requirements upon a Rating Official Change or Employee Movement,” produced by the DoD AcqDemo Program Office. The matrix provides situations involving the employee moving or a change in supervisor at various timeframes. It details required actions for assessments, including closeouts, and related compensation options and requirements.

In all instances, the Self-Assessment Closeout in CAS2Net is optional at the DoD-level. That being said, Component, Agency and/or local policies may require self-assessment closeouts to be accomplished. At the DoD-level, the supervisor Closeout Assessment in CAS2Net requirement is situational and also subject to supplemental guidance from local organizations. Check out the movement matrix to view the full set of instructions by situation.

Be on the lookout for additional enhancements to CAS2Net as we approach the end of the appraisal cycle. An updated user guide incorporating all of the enhancements is in the works and will be posted in time for employees to use as they begin annual self-assessments.





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