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CAS2Net Walk-Through for Employees and Supervisors Online

The AcqDemo Program office is pleased to announce two new eLearning courses posted to the AcqDemo website: “Understanding CAS2Net Operations for Employees” and “Understanding CAS2Net Operations for Supervisors.” For those new to AcqDemo, CAS2Net is our online reporting system for the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS). The courses provide video walk-throughs to demonstrate the steps in the processes for documenting CCAS events in CAS2Net.

User feedback tells us CAS2net is very user friendly and these courses provide an easy introduction to the reporting system. We encourage new users to take these courses to become familiar with the look and feel of CAS2Net, and to see how to navigate each module. These courses may serve as a refresher for veteran users who may not have accessed a particular module since the last appraisal cycle. The entire course may be run from start to finish, viewing all topics, or using the contents list on the Welcome screen to view select topics.

After completing the appropriate CAS2Net course, employees and supervisors will be able to initiate, modify, view and print entries in their respective modules to complete the following CCAS events:

  • Contribution Planning
  • Additional Feedback
  • Mid-Point Review
  • Annual Appraisal

Click the Training tab and select CAS2Net to access the CAS2Net courses – learn how easy it is to use CAS2Net to perform your responsibilities under CCAS!





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