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Let’s Talk CCAS Software!
Submit Your Ideas for Improvements

Does the CCAS software meet the mark? Do you have ideas for improvements? We’re soliciting your input for potential enhancements to the software tools developed to support the CCAS process.

We’d like to hear ideas from employees and supervisors who use CAS2Net modules to document required meetings and assessments. Pay Pool Administrators who use the Compensation Management Spreadsheet (CMS) to facilitate the pay pool panel process and use the Pay Pool Analysis Tool (PAT) to create reports can tell us a great deal. Their reactions to the tools are invaluable as we continue to program enhancements. Does the PAT yield the type of analysis needed by Pay Pool Managers and Personnel Policy Boards to oversee the CCAS Process? We want to hear from all users and consumers of products produced by the software.

Here’s how. The AcqDemo Helpdesk is accepting input for software changes for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 now through January 21, 2013. We request a few pieces of information be included in your request to ensure we get a full understanding of your recommendation.

1) Your Role
2) Name of the Tool (CAS2Net (Specify Module), CMS, PAT)
3) Issue/Problem
4) Proposed Solution
5) Contact Information (In case we need additional information)

We expect to receive a multitude of responses. While all the recommendations will have merit, it’s unlikely every good idea would be executed during the current fiscal year. The DoD AcqDemo Program Office, in coordination with the AcqDemo Executive Council, will finalize and prioritize an enhancement list for FY13. We’ll invite Pay Pool Administrators to assist with the prioritization by participating in a software enhancement meeting sometime in the February timeframe.

Our goal is to provide user-friendly tools to support your CCAS activities. We invite you to share your good ideas to help us make it happen!





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