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Post Cycle Payments: AcqDemo-to-AcqDemo Movements Back

Can Pay Pools provide a payout to an employee who is moving to another AcqDemo Pay Pool during the period between 1 October and the payout (scheduled for 1 February 2013)?  The answer is “Yes,” and we’ve released a Job Aid to assist Pay Pool Administrators in ensuring that the funds reach the departed employee.

The “Post Cycle Payments: AcqDemo-to-AcqDemo” Job Aid familiarizes Pay Pool Administrators with the required steps in CAS2Net to ensure that payments reach previous employees within their new Pay Pool.  Additionally, it provides the timeframes when the actions need to take place, to ensure there are no lapses in employees receiving their payout. 

While this Job Aid is meant to assist Pay Pool Administrators with the procedures to forward payout funds to the departed employee, local Pay Pool Panels are responsible for enacting policy which governs payouts.

Click the “Tools” tab and select “Job Aids” to access this information. Or follow this direct link: Post Cycle Payments: AcqDemo-to-AcqDemo





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