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AcqDemo 101 - Get the Basics! Back

The DoD AcqDemo Program Office is happy to announce the release of AcqDemo 101, the first in AcqDemo’s line-up of new eLearning courses. AcqDemo 101 is designed to communicate AcqDemo’s design and operations to the workforce, and to allow anyone with an interest in AcqDemo to gain a basic knowledge of its initiatives. A special emphasis is placed on the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS). AcqDemo 101 also provides the foundation for all other courses in the line-up, which will target specific topics and/or audiences so we encourage you to take it first. This course also serves as both an introductory course for new demo employees and a refresher course for those already active in the demo.

After completing AcqDemo 101, you will understand:
  • the history and purpose of AcqDemo.
  • how factors, descriptors and discriminators are used in classification and CCAS.
  • basic classification and staffing for AcqDemo positions.
  • career growth and development opportunities available under AcqDemo.
  • how CCAS works and roles and responsibilities.
  • how CAS2Net is used to document CCAS requirements.
Visit the Training section and let the learning begin!





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