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Organization Participation Requirements

AcqDemo encompasses a set of initiatives that, together, represents changes to the entire spectrum of human resource management for the DoD acquisition workforce. Organizations seeking innovative avenues for developing, motivating, and equitably compensating employees based on their contribution to the mission will be well served by AcqDemo’s design.

There are three basic requirements for participation in AcqDemo.

  1. Participating Organizations. Requesting organizations must be listed as an eligible organization in the AcqDemo Federal Register Notice (FRN). The January 8, 1999 FRN describing the personnel initiatives to be implemented under the demo, lists the organizations authorized to participate in Table 1. The list of eligible organizations was updated with the July 1, 2002 FRN and again with the March 31, 2015 FRN.

  2. Participating Employees. The current workforce structure eligibility rules are established by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2004. It established that for each participating organization, "at least one-third of the workforce participating in the demonstration project consist of members of the acquisition workforce; and at least two-thirds of the workforce participating in the demonstration project consist of members of the acquisition workforce and supporting personnel assigned to work directly with the acquisition workforce."

  3. Bargaining Requirements. The requirement is only applicable to organizations that have bargaining unit employees. In such cases, a written agreement between the organization and any union representing the workforce must be in place prior to joining AcqDemo. The agreement will cover participation in and implementation of the demonstration project.

The March 31, 2015 FRN provides a formal process for DoD organizations interested in joining AcqDemo to request approval to participate in the demonstration project. Requesting organizations will route the application package through their command channels to the Assistant Secretary for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) or equivalent authority for Joint Services and other DoD agencies and field activities under the 4th Estate, for review and endorsement to the DoD AcqDemo Program Director.

Organizations wanting more information on AcqDemo may contact the DoD AcqDemo Program Office or their AcqDemo component representative.


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