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In this section of the site you will find Federal Register Notices & Amendments, Operating Procedures and Program Evaluation documents.

Federal Register Notices Plus Amendments

PDF iconJanuary 8, 1999 Federal Register Notice Plus Amendments: Quick reference tool to view changes brought about by the five Federal Register Notice amendments incorporated in the original  Federal Register Notice approving the demonstration project final plan.

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Federal Register Notices

PDF iconJanuary 8, 1999, Federal Register: OPM approved and published the project plan for the Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo) in this Federal Register.

PDF iconMay 21, 2001, Federal Register (Amendment): (1) Corrects discrepancies in the list of occupational series included in the project and (2) authorizes managers to offer a buy-in to Federal employees entering the project after initial implementation.

PDF iconApril 24, 2002, Federal Register (Amendment): (1) Makes employees in the top broadband level of their career path eligible to receive a “very high” overall contribution score and (2) reduces the minimum rating period under CCAS to 90 consecutive calendar days.

PDF iconJuly 1, 2002, Federal Register (Amendment): Lists all organizations that are eligible to participate in the project and (2) makes the resulting adjustments to the table that describes the project’s workforce demographics and union representation.

PDF iconOctober 16, 2002, Federal Register (Intent to Amend): Proposes to amend the demonstration project by changing the method for determining and translating retention service credit. A subsequent Federal Register Notice implementing the proposed amendment was never published.

PDF iconOctober 4, 2006, Federal Register (Amendment): (1) Provides authorization for an out-of-cycle payout under CCAS prior to transition to NSPS and (2) addresses procedures for conversion of employees from this demonstration project to NSPS.

PDF iconMarch 31, 2015, Federal Register (Amendment): (1) Inserts the new provisions authorized by NDAA 2011, (2) adds occupational series and provides AcqDemo the capability to add other occupational series and revise or delete current series, (3) provides a formal process for organizations interested in joining AcqDemo, and (4) announces the expansion of AcqDemo to new or realigned DoD Acquisition organizations.

PDF iconFebruary 9, 2016, Federal Register (Amendment): This document provides three technical corrections that will ensure access for the entirety of an organization to participate.

Operating Procedures

The AcqDemo Operating Procedures are designed to outline the demonstration project processes, including detailed information on specific procedures. The Operating Procedures detail the changes to the existing human resources management system and how to implement those changes as part of a unified demonstration. The document may be downloaded by selecting the link below.

AcqDemo Memorandums

  • PDF iconAM 14-04: Nature of Action Code (NOAC) 891, Performance-based Pay Increase Provided on a Regular Cycle

  • PDF iconAM 14-03: Part-time and Intermittent Work Schedules under the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS)

  • PDF iconAM 14-02: Issues new and comprehensive pay-setting policy for New Hires, Reinstatement Eligibles, and non-AcqDemo Federal employees entering AcqDemo.

  • PDF iconAM 13-04: This document provides guidance to assist in re-determining an AcqDemo employee's retained pay entitlement when promoted to a position in a higher AcqDemo broadband level than that of the employee's current position.

  • PDF iconAM 13-03: Provides a tool to assist managers, supervisors, and pay pool administrators to determine the appropriate assessment, (i.e., a closeout rating or annual assessment); to make a Contribution Rating Increase (CRI) and/or Contribution Award (CA) determination; and to identify the appropriate pay pool/organization to fund a payout as a result of a variety of scenarios involving an employee movement.

  • PDF iconAM 13-02: This document describes the conditions under which pay pools are obligated to inform the workforce of aggregate results and the minimum feedback requirement.

  • PDF iconAM 13-01: This document announces the suspension of the use of the AcqDemo Extended Probationary Period.

  • PDF iconAM 12-01: This document provides guidance regarding the treatment of employees in career-progression positions, otherwise known as 'career ladder' positions.


Aggregate Results



Interim Evaluation Report: Provides the interim evaluation of the effectiveness of the Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian Acquisition Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo) for period February 2000 through December 2002 and recommendations on its future direction.




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