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Welcome to the AcqDemo Home Page!

AcqDemo was developed and implemented to provide the DoD Acquisition Community with initiatives designed to enhance the effectiveness of personnel programs and processes. Please spend some time becoming familiar with our project, and feel free to contact us at with your comments.




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AcqDemo News

Oct 11, 2018
- PPA_Advisory_2018_14 Discrepancy Reports and Unclaimed Records (Oct) is now available by clicking here

Oct 11, 2018
- New Readiness Checklist is now available by clicking here

Oct 4, 2018
- New PPA advisories are now available by clicking here

Sept 14, 2018
- Sub-Panel Spreadsheet, Compensation Management Spreadsheet (CMS), and Pay Pool Analysis Tool (PAT) for Pay Pool Administrators (Fall 2018)

Sept, 2018
- Employee Movement Matrix Updated

Sept 13, 2018
- Contribution Planning for Employees and Supervisors-CAS2Net 1.0

Sept 4, 2018
- End of Cycle Training Available for Employees, Supervisors, and Pay Pool Administrators

July 24, 2018
- Contribution Planning
- Writing An Annual Self-Assessment

July 17, 2018
Giving and Receiving Feedback - July 2018 Now Available

June 14, 2018
AcqDemo 101 Refresher Training - 2018 Now Available

June 7, 2018
Operating Guide Update:
-New Policy and Procedural updates incorporated into the guidance

May 17, 2018
AcqDemo Direct Hire Authority Updated

May 10, 2018
Conversion Training Updated

April 17, 2018
PPA Advisory 2018-3, ALTESS System Maintenance

March 13, 2018
FY17 CCAS Aggregate Results Published

March 5, 2018
Operating Guide:
- Chapter 9 Reduction in Force Published

January/February 2018
Operating Guide:
- Chapter 7 Contributions and/or Performance Improvement Published
- Chapter 8 Employee Development Published

February 28,2018
PRD Forms & Instructions Revised

November 30, 2017
FY17 Revised Rating Cycle Pay Pool Funding Guidance

November 9, 2017
Publication of AcqDemo FRN and Availability of FRN Implementation Resources

October 11, 2017
Defense AT&L magazine article outlines AcqDemo contributions to the AWF with overview of FRn changes

September - October 2017
CAS2Net Training - Fall 2017

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