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CAS2Net 2.0 Transition

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The AcqDemo Program Office is rolling out a new version of CAS2Net to modernize the Information Technology application and to offer you additional functionalities to enhance the user experience. The new version will be known as “CAS2Net 2.0” and will be phased-in starting 1 October 2018. NAVAIR-HQ will convert into CAS2Net 2.0 effective 14 Oct 2018 and the remainder of the AcqDemo user community (~40,000) will migrate in February 2019 (after the completion of the FY18 cycle payout and prior-to mid-year assessments). As we transition to CAS2Net 2.0 it is important to understand the high level migration timeline and know what resources are available to you to during the transition.

NAVAIR will use the CAS2Net 2.0 application starting in October 2018. All other AcqDemo users will follow the guidance below to complete their FY18 appraisals and to build the FY19 contribution plans.

Event Timeframe Tool Actions
Completion of FY18 AcqDemo Cycle 1 Oct 2018 thru 31 OCT 2018* CAS2Net Users will complete the FY18 rating cycle in the existing CAS2Net application. Employees will enter their FY18 annual self-assessments and generate related reports in CAS2Net.

URL for this application is HERE:
Start of FY19 AcqDemo Cycle 1 Oct 2018 CAS2Net Users will enter their new FY19 Contribution Plans and any Additional Feedback into the existing CAS2Net application.

URL for this application is HERE:

* Note: Your agency may impose other time lines to complete the annual assessments


Training on the current CAS2Net system is available HERE:

CAS2Net 2.0 training will be available starting early October 2018. A link to the CAS2Net 2.0 training will be posted when the training is available.

Benefits – Why Transition?

The decision to transition to CAS2Net 2.0 was required due to software obsolesce; we had to upgrade our system. In performing the system upgrade we wanted to improve the overall system performance and end-user experience. CAS2Net 2.0 will enhance the user experience throughout the annual appraisal cycle and most notably, the employee’s experience thanks to an improved look and feel. CAS2Net 2.0 will support text formatting including bold, italics, bullets, numbering, and underlining. It will also offer new fonts, font sizes, colored text, and a built-in Spell Checker for proper spelling whether you cut/paste from Word or enter the plan directly into the CAS2Net 2.0 application.


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