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Supervisors / Leaders:

As we deploy the new CAS2Net 2.0 application, Supervisors and Leaders should understand the impact on CAS2Net access/usage and communicate these changes to their workforce. Employees and Supervisors will complete the FY18 rating cycle and build their FY19 contribution plans in the legacy CAS2Net application HERE.

(NOTE: NAVAIR HQ is converting into AcqDemo in October 2018 and they will use CAS2Net 2.0 to build their FY19 plans). CAS2Net 2.0 will roll-out to the full user community in February 2019, so all employees will use the new CAS2Net 2.0 system to complete their mid-year assessments. Mid-year assessments are normally completed in April. All historical records (previous performance appraisals) will be available in CAS2Net 2.0.


Online training for Employees and Supervisors will be published on the AcqDemo website in October.

Benefits – Why Transition?

In addition to the benefits outlined for the workforce, the following are other benefits to the CAS2Net 2.0 application.

Platform modernization

○ CAS2Net 2.0 will improve end-of-cycle activities and outcomes with the use of the latest processes and tools. It will offer enhanced and optimized features, such as self-help functionality, and thus afford more system ownership and flexibility to the local Pay Pool Administrators. This migration from legacy CAS2Net will support the latest functions available to AcqDemo users. Because CAS2Net 2.0 is a critical application in AcqDemo, we are reducing any operational and/or security risks that could arise from legacy code or architecture.


○ CAS2Net 2.0 will perform well even with an increased workload. This scalability will enable CAS2Net 2.0 to increase performance and efficiency as the AcqDemo population continues to grow and/or during surges in processing demand, such as just before a pay pool meeting. CAS2Net 2.0 will serve AcqDemo users in a context of growth; planning for growth will lead to efficient operations now and in the future.

Increased Capacity and Availability

○ CAS2Net 2.0 will allow optimal utilization of resources, taking advantage of the AcqDemo data, records, and workload being distributed across multiple production servers. Report generation will especially benefit from enhanced operations across this enhanced server architecture.

Smart-Search Capability

○ A new Smart Search feature allows users to narrow the results of a table search automatically as they type search criteria for each column. This will help pull data from a large number of records with minimum time and effort.

As a Supervisor / Leader:

○ Communicate your expectations about how employees should prepare for the transition

- Share deployment schedule and events with employees

- Communicate what system to use to complete CCAS tasks

- Inform workforce on training opportunities

○ Anticipate a learning curve and authorize the investment of time for employees to become skilled in the new tool

○ Assign your Pay Pool Administrators to be a support team for employees at all phases of the deployment (before, during, after); communicate their role and contact information to employees


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